Absorbent Sock For Any Type of Spill

If there are large scale spill, whether water based or oil based, the best way to contained them, prevent them from further spreading as well as absorb the spill, the all-purpose and universal absorbent sock is the best tool to use. Large scale spills if not immediately cleaned, removed or contained poses a huge risk in the workplace. In order to totally clean the mess caused by the spill, the absorbent must combine the absorptive capacity, the ability to stop the spread of the spill and the ability to contain the spill. That is why absorbent sock is created to meet all of the above requirements.

The absorbent sock from Spilfyter is so easy and simple to use. You just have to wrap it around the place where there are leaks like drums, tanks, sinks, machine bases. It comes in two colors, the gray and blue one. Aside from that, it can serve as leak protection because it avoids the start of a spill or leak. It can be a universal one, meaning it absorbs every liquid (whether water based or oil based). It can also be customized to absorb only oil and repel water. One case of the absorbent sock can absorb 57 Liters of liquid. When you purchase absorbent socks, they will come in two lengths and they are encased in polyester casing allowing it to be stretched around the equipment. If you surround the area of the spill, it will prevent it from further spreading, thus they are very useful as barricades. You can put them in your assembly area in the production areas to ensure the safety of your worker. The super absorbent polypropylene content is great in soaking up spills fast. What’s good about absorbent socks is that they can be wrung out and reused.

Again, if you want to have the best tools for your maintenance, general operations or repair, the general purpose absorbent is what you are looking for. It absorb cutting fluids, water based fluids, oil, hydraulic fluids, diesel, hexane, coolants, turpentine, vegetable oil, gas, acetone, ether, MEK, trichloroethylene, etc. custom dress socks

Absorbent Sock For Any Type of Spill

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