Choosing a Large Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers suck moisture from the air, preventing damp walls and musty smells from building up. Whether you need to dehumidify a large room or just a small area, there are options to meet your needs.

To determine which size dehumidifier you need, start by measuring the room or area to be treated. Then use a hygrometer to pinpoint the humidity level, as excessive moisture can lead to warped wood, musty odors and mildew. Generally, you’ll want to aim for a relative humidity of 40 to 60 percent in warmer weather and 30 to 50 percent in cooler months.

If the area you’re looking to dehumidify has a lot of water spots or condensation, you’ll need a larger dehumidifier. These units are designed to cover spaces up to 1,200 square feet and can remove as much as 60 pints of moisture per day. They’re also the best choice for areas where you may see puddles or standing water, like in basements and garages.

The dehumidifiers that score well in CR’s water removal tests are able to quickly and effectively pull the most moisture out of the air. Many of them have a hose connection to allow for easy drainage and feature pumps that send the collected water away from the unit.

The FFAD5033W1 is technically louder than most of the other options in this article but because it has such a high CFM fan and a upward exhaust it masks compressor noise better than any other large capacity dehumidifier we’ve tested. large dehumidifier

Choosing a Large Dehumidifier

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