This means every one of us is corrupt. A simple example; we are all infected with errors. We corrupt each other, which in turn create problems for us all.

We are all Computers. As we communicate with each other, we program one another. We are all teachers and learners. The errors we are infected with are caused by the “Eager Desires” we all possess. Greed for material wealth causes some people, to lie, cheat and steal, which in turn affects us all. The majority of people throughout the world are law abiding and considerate to others and trying to control the minority that are not so law abiding. Computers are helping us communicate with each other faster but when computers become corrupt they infect us all with errors.

When you sit at your computer keyboard, how calm and patient are you? If you are not patient, you will begin making mistakes, which in turn will reflect on the formation you are pass to others. The written word is powerful because it can and does affect the emotions of others. The words you write are based on your level of consideration and care for others. The words you write can also be interpreted in different ways. If you deliberately write to people to buy your products by telling a lie, you are helping to corrupt computers because information passed, from one computer to another, results in computers and their owner, being corrupt.

Honesty on the Internet is hard to find because every one that’s trying to make 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars each month, are encouraged to part with their money with the promise of riches. This in turn causes the person that has parted with his/her money, to encourage others to part with their money, which finally results in many people being disappointed. The key to success is within our emotions. If we want something eagerly enough we will achieve it, with enthusiasm and honesty. If we are dishonest we only fool people for a short time. Dishonesty infects computers and their owners with errors and in time it will be virtually impossible to make money on the Internet, unless we prove to each other that money can be made without investing a penny. It is logical that if money can be made from a product or service, it’s not necessary to ask for money upfront, if the product or service is of real value to the consumer.

Eighteen months ago, during 2001 – I received an email, offering me the opportunity to earn big money, if I parted with $49. The letter was well written and the offer looked tempting I decided to write to him, asking if he would be willing to send me his information, free of charge and said, if it did make me money I would send him the first $100 – I made. To my amazement he wrote back by return and said, “you are on, here is the link to download all the information you will require”. Delighted I spent many hours setting up the website templates he sent me. I’ve yet to make any money from his products. If I do, he will receive the first $100 – as promised. Providing he contacts me because when I wrote to him three times, to thank him for sending me his information, free of charge, my emails were ignored. The products I promote have not made any money, as yet, although my website is active.

Sending out email is thought to be the most profitable way of promoting products. Emails being sent out is increasing and people are being encouraged to send out millions of emails each day based on the principle that some will be read and attract orders. No doubt they do attract orders but not enough to justify filling inbox’s with unwanted emails. Computers we are and computers we own will ensure that in time we will be less infected with errors. If you want to be less corrupt just be patient and considerate to others. Our computers are only corrupt because we are corrupt. When we sit at a computer we need to recognise that a computer is only as corrupt as it’s programmer.

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