Custom Baseball Stirrup Socks

Whether you are looking for striped baseball stirrup socks or a solid color, we have them. We also have high performance, custom baseball socks made right here in the USA. They feature a double welt top, compression in all the right places and blister control to keep your player performing their best on the field. They’re perfect for little leaguers, travel ball programs or even high school teams.

Historically, baseball players wore long uniform socks with white “sanitary” socks underneath to protect their skin from color dyes that could seep into wounds. However, in 1905, Nap Lajoie suffered a cut to his ankle from a cleat and players started cutting the toe and ankle out of their colored socks for a more comfortable fit. This created the first baseball stirrup socks.

Today, custom baseball stirrup socks are popular with baseball and softball teams of all sizes. They can be a fun way to show off team pride on the field and also help players to move better when they are chasing the ball or running into second base.

When choosing your baseball stirrups, you will want to choose a color for the body of the sock and another two colors for the stripe colors. The size of the stirrup can be a factor too. A 5″ cut will have the sanitary sock come up just above the knee, while 7″ will have the sock rise higher towards the calf.

When you are ready to order your baseball stirrups, you can do so online. You can also select a sample pack to see how your design will look before placing your full order. Once you place your order, your custom baseball socks will be knitted and delivered in 2 to 3 weeks. custom baseball stirrup socks

Custom Baseball Stirrup Socks

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