Giant Pokemon Plush

A giant, huggable Pokemon plush is the newest way to bring your favorite creatures into your life. And with millions of people around the world who have immersed themselves in all things Pokemon, there’s no shortage of giant-size plush toys to choose from.

There are a few tips you can follow to make sure your giant-size Pokemon is happy and healthy, but the most important thing is just to have fun! When you buy your Pokemon, make sure to provide food, shelter, and other necessities that they need in order to feel comfortable.

If you want to keep your Pokemon warm, try to keep them next to a fireplace or a window where the sun shines through. You can also try to give them cool places, like by a sink filled with water or a pool.

Don’t forget to wash your Pokemon with care! It is best to hand wash your stuffed animal, as washing them in the washing machine can damage their fur. You should also check the care tag on your stuffed toy before you start washing it.

The Pokemon Center Japan is now selling a giant Pokemon plush called Spheal, and it looks just like the real thing! It even has big eyes.

This giant Pokemon plush is available for pre-order at the Pokemon Center Japan and will ship in early November. It’s only $420 USD, and you can place your order for it now!

While this giant Pokemon plush isn’t quite as tall as some of the other Pokemon stuffed toys on this list, it still is a very big deal. It’s actually one of the largest non-Gigantamax and non-Legendary Pokemon, making it an incredible opportunity for those who are looking to fill their homes with stuffed Pokemon figures!

The Giant Wailord is an incredible Pokemon to have on your shelves, and this new jumbo-sized plush from the Pokemon Center is sure to draw attention to any room it’s placed in. The Float Whale-type Pokemon measures a whopping 57 3/4 inches long and weighs a massive 14 pounds, making it an amazing addition to any Pokemon fan’s collection!

It’s a shame that this massive Pokemon plush is only being sold in Japan, though. Bandai hasn’t commented on international shipping plans yet, so fans who don’t live in Japan will have to wait until they’re able to get their hands on this awesome toy.

Despite its size, the Pokemon Center’s Spheal plush is very smooth and doesn’t seem to be made of anything that would be difficult for kids to hold. In fact, it’s made from a fabric that’s “cool contact fabric (except for the eyes),” which is great news if you have kids who might accidentally touch your Spheal.

As for how to wash your Giant Pokemon Plush, it’s very easy to do! Just soak it in a basin of cool water and add a squirt of liquid detergent. Once the water is absorbed, gently rub it to remove any excess water and allow it to air dry.

Giant Pokemon Plush

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