How to Apply CPU Thermal Paste

CPU thermal paste may not get as much discussion as gaming hardware or GPUs, but it’s a crucial component of keeping your CPU running at optimum temperatures. It minimizes microscopic air gaps and irregularities between the CPU and the heat sink or cooler, allowing the components to transfer heat efficiently.

When applying thermal paste, it’s important to follow instructions for your specific processor and cooler. Using an incorrect application method could damage the surfaces and cause performance issues down the line.

In addition to following instructions, choosing a high-quality paste is essential to getting the best results. Premium pastes are typically thinner, allowing for better and more even distribution. Choosing one that’s also easy to spread will make the process smoother and more efficient. The Kooling Monster KOLD-01 paste we carry is ideal for this purpose, being easy to apply with minimal pressure.

After you’ve applied the paste, it’s time to install the CPU cooler. Use light, top-down pressure to place the base-plate or waterblock on the CPU, and hold that pressure while attaching it to the mounting mechanism. Leaving too much force on the cooler can bend the motherboard or damage the processor.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that the best way to test your CPU temperature is with a benchmark or stress testing program like Cinebench. These will put the CPU through a series of repetitive tasks that simulate real-world workloads, and can help you identify issues.

CPU thermal paste

How to Apply CPU Thermal Paste

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