moon rocks Pre-Rolls

Jeeter is a brand that has become an established favorite amongst the cannabis community in California. With award-winning infused prerolls, high-THC concentrates, and vapes, they’ve managed to raise the bar on potency and flavor. Their 1g and 2g XL pre-rolls, Baby Jeeters, and Juices are all potent and delicious rolled with a variety of kief options for an unmatched experience.

The smallest pre-roll in the line, Baby Jeeters come five to a pack and only weigh in at 0.5g each! Featuring top-shelf flower that’s infused with cannabis distillate for an extra punch, these joints are sure to leave you feeling head high.

Baby Jeeter Blue Zkittlez is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that offers a scrumptious aroma and fruity flavor profile. Its strong physical effects make this a great choice for end-of-day stress relief or a relaxing night sleep.

Combined with its relaxing sedative effects, this strain can help relieve symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and headaches. It also helps with appetite loss and nausea.

Agent Orange is a well-balanced strain with uplifting and motivating effects. Its terpene profile includes citrus and sweet berries, with hints of tropical flowers and earthy scents. This strain also has a heavy sativa buzz and can be an effective mood enhancer for those who suffer from depression.

Limoncello is a hybrid marijuana strain that provides a well-balanced and relaxing experience. Its sativa effects are uplifting and cerebral, providing a jolt of energy that can help you get through the day. Moreover, the aroma of this strain is lemony and sweet, accompanied by an infusion of cherry flavors.

This sativa-dominant strain is a cross between The Original Lemonade and Cherry Pie, which produces compact green and purple buds with thick coats of resin. Its uplifting and calming effects make it an excellent choice for treating conditions such as insomnia, depression, stress, fatigue, and lack of appetite.

Horchata is a balanced hybrid that provides body-high, euphoric, and creative effects. Its uplifting and sedating effects make it a good choice for helping patients suffering from chronic pain, migraines, and insomnia.

Its energizing and relaxing effects are a perfect pick for those looking to end their day on a high note. Its uplifting and stimulating effects can improve concentration, creativity, and focus.

The grape-like smell of this Indica strain makes it a perfect fit for consumers seeking a relaxing, meditative high. This sativa strain is a popular medicinal choice for relieving symptoms of chronic pain, PTSD, and depression.

These small-sized joints are perfect for a quick, discreet, and enjoyable session. They’re available in a variety of delicious infused flavors, including Blueberry Kush and Peach Ringz.

They’re the ultimate little smoke for those on a budget! Each pack contains 5 minis that only weigh in at 0.5g and are infused with cannabis distillate for an incredible punch.

The jar of these minis is adorned with an eye-catching design that signals merriment and fun. The jar itself is made of glass, which gives it a clean and sophisticated look. It’s a great size to keep on hand for those with busy schedules and who like to smoke on the go. moon rocks

moon rocks Pre-Rolls

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