New Dometic Units

New Dometic Units

A new generation of RV rooftop air conditioning units has been launched by Dometic, a company that has been a leading manufacturer of van and truck air conditioners for many years. dometic cooling units This latest product, the FreshJet FJX3000, features a new blower system and air distribution box to deliver better cooling, improved airflow and low interior noise.

The unit is also lighter than its predecessors — which, of course, helps keep it quieter while you drive. A new rust-free drain pan means no drain pan worries, and a flexible refrigerant line set requiring small holes in the cab floor or panels makes installation easier.

Dometic Split-System BliZZard

A two-unit air-conditioning system designed for the pickup market, the split-system BliZZard is built around a condenser/fan unit that sits outside of the vehicle and a compact evaporator/compressor/blower unit inside. Both units are factory-pre-charged and have quick-connect refrigerant line sets.

Barefoot and others at the Dometic booth at the Mid-America Trucking Show estimated that an owner-operator could install a BliZZard in a day, using only a few hours of trained shop time. The system can be spec’d with a diesel-fired bunk heater as well as with a battery backup system, though Barefoot warns that such systems are large power draws and must be wired to the alternator correctly.

With its 2,000-watt capacity, the RTX 2000 is one of the largest 12V RV air conditioners available on the market. It draws 19 amps on Eco mode, and can run up to 12 hours without idling if it’s plugged into a battery, according to Dometic.

Like other dometic models, the RTX 2000 is designed for ease of installation and operation, and features an intuitive control panel and a high-contrast LCD display. Its rotatable fan provides a front-to-back airflow pattern and individual fan controls to adjust fan speed for the most effective cooling possible.

The RTX 2000 is popular in both the trucking and vanlife communities because of its ease of use, comfort features, and excellent cooling capabilities. Its intelligent control system automatically monitors the battery charge and turns off the unit when power levels are critically low.

Its patented RTX technology is designed to prevent diesel fuel use by precluding the need for truck drivers to leave their engines running for long periods to cool their cabs. This saves them about a gallon of fuel per hour when they’re not moving.

Nomadic Cooling offers a pair of 12V DC air conditioners, the 2000 and 3000. The 2000 model features a 75 Amp compressor and runs at 3 – 5A in “Fan” mode, 30 – 40A (at 85) in “ECO” mode, and 55A in “Max Cool/Powerful” mode at 85.

This unit is more powerful than the Dometic RTX 2000, so it should be able to handle larger living spaces in moderate weather. However, it also uses more power and requires a heavier battery bank.

Advent ACM150

The Advent ACM150 is a lower-end model from a lesser-known brand, but it’s a good option for budget-conscious RVers who want a high-performance 15,000 BTU unit. It weighs only 68 pounds, making it one of the lightest 15,000-BTU RV air conditioners on the market. The unit also has six dense foam support pads that reduce vibrations and improve overall performance.

New Dometic Units

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