Red Lava Lamp: The Red Lava in Clear Liquid effect

Red lava lamps are not just for the spooky places and dingy restaurants, it is the most sought after accessory these days. All you need to do to stay entertained for hours is to plug this lamp in. A 10 inch lamp has a glazed silver finish and is small enough to fit anywhere whether it is your workplace or home. The model that has red lava floating in a clear liquid is one sight you do not want to miss. They are available for as low as US $13.99.

Red lava lamps are the new classy accessory in the market that everybody needs to get their hands on. Plug it in and viola! And you would not be able to look away for a few hours. A silver bodied ten inch model can be placed anywhere without being intrusive and says a lot about your taste. The model with red lava dancing about in a clear liquid is the one to get. Such lamps are available for as low as US $-.99.

The lamp’s working principle is pretty simple. The red wax and the clear liquid have the same density when they are unplugged. They do not mix. Once you heat the red wax,Guest Posting┬áits density is lowered and it rises. When it rises, it is cooled and falls back down. This rising and falling motion of the lamp is a sight so enigmatic, you find yourself staring at it even if you do not want to. Go out and buy yourself one of these lamps instead of trying to make one at home. They are cheap enough.

In the 70s, these lamps could be found everywhere and so today; these lamps help to create the 70s feel. They still reflect the pop music revolution and the trendy fashion designs with the hippie culture creeping up on you. Thus most places have them around to bring to life up that feel-good ambience. Talk about nostalgia for those who have been there. The kids as well as the adults are fascinated by the lava movements and the hues that the lamp gives out. The lamp is a total entertainment package in itself.

The aluminum top and base give it a classy retro finish. Red lamps are all the rage because they mimic the original lava color. The lamp boasts typical lava lamp design and the same relaxing aura that comes with it. Some of the red lamps can be 16.3 inches tall and weigh around 58 0z which is roughly 6 pounds. Even after 40 years, the lava lamp is found to be just as fascinating as before. It has not lost its soothing, mood-altering touch.

However, many of the customers complain that the red lamps last for a shorter time than the rest of them. They blame the red wax for that. And it is not entirely their fault as even the replacements have the same problems. They have not corrected it after all these years. That is not good. Most user reviews state the same problem with the lamp

Sometimes the lamp does not start and so the wax can not rises. However, in other cases the wax simply dies after a little while and even though the lamp it self is hot, the wax lies there in a pool of red wax. But they still make good purchases if you are looking for presents. Anybody would love a red lava lamp and why they shouldn’t. bedside lamps black

Red Lava Lamp: The Red Lava in Clear Liquid effect

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