The world of Bottelsen Darts

The US darts manufacturer Bottelsen,The world of Bottelsen Darts Articles the inventor of the famous Hammerhead darts, is a giant in the Industry. When Walt Bottelsen invented that famous hammerhead no bounce out dart in the 1970s the Bottelsen name gained a world wide reputation for innovation and quality. Today, they still make the hammerhead darts with an enhanced retractable system and lots more besides, including soft tip darts like the skinnys and the buzz bombs, very popular darts for the soft darting community.

The hammerhead system that made Bottelsen so famous is, like all great inventions, a very simple idea. The tip of the dart is connected to a very small spring rather like a tiny pogo stick, so that the tip can be pushed back into the barrel by a small amount. This means that if the dart hits a wire of the spider on the dartboard, the tip absorbs the shock of impact by retracting into the barrel, whilst hopefully the forward motion of the dart enables the dart tip to slide down the edge of the wire and enter the dartboard. It works very well and it wasnt called the Hammer Head No Bounce dart for nothing, it greatly reduced the amount of bounce outs caused by the dart board wire and staples.

One of the great things about Bottelsen darts is the great names they give their darts, like Megathrust, Devastators and Nemesis, not to mention Ooh&Aah , now what marketing genius came up with that! Seriously though they do produce some excellent darts. Whilst their originals are 90 % tungsten, they have their Devastator range with 95 % tungsten and hammerhead spinning shafts for an ultra slim and short barrel for its weight. With a variety of grips to choose from with smooth coarse and edge grip.

Talking of grip, Bottelsen have a range called Gorilla Grip with an extra coarse knurled grip for that extra secure grip when throwing your darts, not everyones idea of a good grip perhaps, but just an indication of how Bottelsen tries to cater for all tastes of darters.

The darts with the ridiculous name, Ooh Aah darts were developed from the Bottelsen GT series, but the barrels are much straighter and yes they also have the hammerhead tip and of course the Bottelsen spinning shafts too. Whilst they are famous for their steel tip darts, Bottelsen also do a big range of soft tip darts as well, like their Skinnys, which as you might expect are a thin barrelled dart that can also be bought as a convertible dart set. Bear in mind you can get screw in steel tips for practically any soft tip dart to covert it for the steel tip game. The Skinnys convertible set has the screw in hammerhead dart tip of course. They also do a soft tip version of most of their steel tip range as well like their GT, Devastators, Gorilla grip range and of course those ridiculously named Ooh Aahs.

As you might expect from Bottelsen, they have crazily named darts range called Kick Ass, which are at the less expensive end of Bottelsen’s range with lots of different colored shafts and flights.

Another innovative idea from Bottelsen is their Precision Grip Range, that has special indents in the dart to place your fingers and thumbs, so you grip the dart the same each time, helping with that all important consistency. best soccer grip socks

The world of Bottelsen Darts

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