What to Expect From a Gas Boiler Service

When it comes to a gas boiler service, a well-advised and regular check by a qualified engineer can help ensure your home’s heating system is running safely and efficiently. And it can also help you avoid faulty appliances that can release dangerous carbon monoxide.

During the inspection, the gas engineer will take off the boiler’s casing to examine the burner, spark probe and heat exchanger. They will also look at the flue terminals to make sure there aren’t any obstructions. And they’ll make sure the boiler has the correct gas pressure, which is vital for ensuring water flows properly through your radiators and taps.

They’ll then test the safety devices and gas flow using a flue gas analyser, which will show them how efficient your boiler is, how hot its flue gases are and whether it’s releasing any harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. They’ll also test the incoming and outgoing gas pressures, which will help them detect any problems.

You should expect your engineer to spend about an hour carrying out this important work, though the exact time will depend on the problem they encounter. They may need to remove the grate and clean it out, for example, or they might need to replace a gas valve. Most engineers will charge by the hour, and labor costs can vary between $50 and $200. They will probably also charge a service call fee, which is a flat rate that covers the engineer’s travel expenses and the cost of any parts they need to buy or repair the boiler. gas boiler service

What to Expect From a Gas Boiler Service

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